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We Create Magic...

Experience the feeling of being somewhere that you have always dreamt off! Oh, yes we can take you around the world and you can live every moment of your life in “wow” experience. There is no such dream place that LifeVR can’t drive you there, if you wish to attend “Tomorrow Land” concert standing right beside the DJ you can be there too, right from the living room space of your house. A myriad list of VR experiences with a dedicated team of experts who love creating these exclusives-This is the platter we serve our clients!

Live. Experience. Repeat!

Virtual Reality for Architecture

Virtual Reality Wedding

Eclectic weddings are complete only when they can be relived again with visual representations. Allow your clients to dive into the emotion of every moment each time, every time they revisit those memories.

Virtual Reality Events

Innovation is the new cool! Visualise every event, experience it post event too! Be it a concert or product launch, if you have been a part of it, make it memorable!

  • Concerts
  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launch
  • Shows
Virtual Reality for Architecture
Virtual Reality for Architecture

Virtual Reality Showcase

Gift an experience to your clients and help them visualise the end product via VR! Comfort of staying back at home and visiting every place is something that everybody wishes for, we LifeVR team is here to take you on a virtual tour, sit back and enjoy the visit

  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Hospitality Walk Through
  • Guided VR Tours

Virtual Reality Experiences

Visual representation stays in mind. We call it photographic memory. Create them for your clients to see, so they will never forget your brand!

  • Educational VR
  • Promotional VR
  • Tourism VR
  • Brand building VR
  • Medical VR
Virtual Reality for Architecture

See it to believe it! Call us for a demo, and you will love what we have to show you!

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