Virtual Reality Events

Our lens helps your clients scan through your every memory and capture it for life!

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Virtual Reality Events

Imagine if you had to take your existing client or prospective through a hundred photos and videos to show your event? It sounds like an ordeal, right?
LifeVR makes it easy for you with a 360 degrees VR experience! We help your existing clients and prospects view all events virtually!

You can also sit back at home and experience all the amazing concerts by the famous bands in town. VR headset will make feel like you are at the concert itself with thousand other people.

Teleport you to the new reality with virtual reality!


Thaikudam bridge

Benny dayaal

Telangana devudu Audio launch

Pineapple Express

poets of the fall

Grand hyatt new year2


design 4 india

Hospital Walkthrough

One dedicated member from team LifeVR will be there to listen to you and be with you from start to finish. He/She with his eye for detail will ensure your every precious moment is captured.
Post Wedding Edit
The final cut of your virtual reality content will be handed over. The length of the video will depend on the pre-agreed commitments.
YouTube 360 degree vide
This link allows you to view your content in 360 degree on your smartphone. It will also allow you to share the content with your family and friends across social media handles.
Virtual Reality Headset
You will be provided with a VR set that will give you HD quality and mesmerising virtual reality experience. The additional headset can be added to the package on request.
360 Degree recording
360 Degree recording for the entire day- 360-degree cameras will be set in specific spots to capture every emotion of the wedding.
Pre-Wedding Meeting
We understand your anxiety and we leave no stone unturned to help you relax while we take up the onus of getting the requirement right from the first meeting. We go the extra mile to know your family members so we capture their emotions too!