October 30

When Weddings Meet Virtual Reality

The time has turned around – weddings and social events are presently enormous screens and online gatherings. The extravagant ‘I dos’ have turned into another standard. Virtual Reality has been there for quite a long time, yet Virtual Reality weddings are currently present-day trailblazers.

In this pandemic situation, weddings have taken a different turn. None of us had ever thought that we could involve our loved ones in our weddings without inviting them to be present there physically; instead, we invited them to be a part of our big day virtually. Even though it is all new and simply soaking in, people are still enjoying the virtual reality wedding.

Presently, people are enjoying a virtual reality wedding happening with the bride and groom getting all prepared for their enormous day! All the visitors are sitting for their spaces to dial in at the right second. Cousins, close mates, should design an unexpected dance number. Many plans and genuine ceremonies are something that each to be a hitched couple is anticipating. It sounds very exciting when you & your loved ones can relive your wedding anytime, anywhere. After wearing the VR Headset, it will make you feel as if you are present right in the middle of the venue, you can feel the happiness and the wedding vibe.

To get a 360 experience, the watcher should wear a VR headset. A headset causes the watcher to feel as though they are practically inside the video, encountering the visuals as though they are going on directly before them at that exact instant.

The vivid part of VR video is nevertheless one of its numerous benefits:

1. It is not limited to a specific survey stage.

A VR video can be seen anyplace from a PC screen or on a cell phone.

2. It gives the watcher unlimited authority over what they are watching

This guarantees that they never miss any of the activity, whether or not it’s going on in front, above, behind, or to the side of them.

3. It allows the couple to encounter their wedding as though they were a visitor.

They can watch the group and notice their friends and family’s responses or they can look up and around to see the subtleties of their delightful scene and stylistic theme.

The capacity to go back and remember the day once more is VR video’s significant selling point. For a lady of the hour and husband to have the option to get back to the center of the main day of their lives is a genuinely astonishing encounter and one that ought not to be missed.

LifeVR captures a whole new way of recording your big day, so you can watch in 360° through a VR headset anytime, anywhere. Our technology not only captures the event but also elevates the arena and décor with its true vivacity. We make every moment of your Wedding special and capture the most candid moments of your life.

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