About LifeVR

Virtual Reality – Event Capture


About Life VR

We are a start-up firm with the sole objective of creating difference to people’s perception of events and activities through a medium which is immersive, memorable, creative and impactful: Virtual Reality – Event Capture.

LifeVR, a unit of VRinfinity LLP, has pioneered at capturing events in VR Technology and we have successfully completed several events across India such as concerts, royal weddings, corporate events and so on. Through this technology, a never before perspective of events can be offered which will allow people to re-live the event experience unlike anything that they have experienced before. Our technology not only captures the event but also elevates the arena and decor with its true vivacity.

We have 4 years of Research and Development experience across different parts of the world in VR; A year before its commercial application. Recognized by two leading international universities on our vision and approach to extend the current VR Technology into a new dimension. We have also established an understanding/alliances with various players in Virtual Reality and still reaching out.


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